NetherRealm Might Be Working on a New Super Hero Game

NetherRealm Might Be Working on a New Super Hero Game

By Cristhian Gómez

We all love a good fighting game, don’t we? There’s something about kicking the living out of a virtual character that just takes all your worries away, especially when you win. Well, according to a rumor that’s been circulating some internet forums, we might have the chance to fight with our favorite Marvel characters very soon. 

The rumor comes from industry insider Daniel Richtman, and claims that a fighting game with Marvel characters is already being produced at NetherRealm. The studio behind Mortal Kombat isn’t new to super hero videogames, after all, they’ve already worked on the Injustice series, a very successful fighting game using the most popular heroes and villains from the DC Universe.



Image: Hipertextual


Adding to the rumor, Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat, published a very cryptic tweet saying: “Wow. @JamesGunn has managed to work on DC and MARVEL movies. That’s impressive.” Even though the post doesn’t say much, for a lot of people it was a clear sign that the studio might have the chance to work for both franchises just like James Gunn.

Another leak came from 4Chan, and although information coming from that site is not always reliable, it does add more details to what Richman said. According to the post, this new game will be loosely based on a Marvel comic book event known as Avengers Vs X-Men, which was published back on 2012. 

It seems like the game will be multiplatform, meaning it will most likely come out for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, later this year. Hopefully these rumors are true and we will have the chance to enjoy another awesome fighting game.


Source: Gaming Bible